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In short, today is the day you found the roofing experts you want to hire. Anything you need from commercial roofing system installation to residential storm damage roof repair, we got your back — or should we say, roof.

Superior Commercial Roofing Systems

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Superior Commercial Roofing Systems is an independently-owned-and-operated roofing contractor business that focuses on honest jobs done right the first time. We don’t cut corners. We do what we promise to do. We make sure the materials are the best for the type of roof and need.

And we provide a prorated 50-year transferrable warranty for residential roofing. So you can sleep well at night whether you live in your house or sell it to someone else.

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Our roofing contractors services include:

  • Storm damage roof repair: We will negotiate with your insurance to get you more coverage and a lower deductible.
  • Home roofing systems: Whether you have slanted modern architecture with sunlights or traditional asphalt shingles, we’ll cover you from installation to setup.
  • Roofing systems for businesses: From small mom-and-pop shop to big enterprise roofing solutions, every business has a different need that SCRS knows how to solve.
  • We accept cash and check method of payment.
  • We work with brands that offer a non-prorated 50-year warranty on labor and material.
  • We have roof coatings for all kinds of roofs that will not bubble or crack. Most options come with a non-prorated 10-year warranty on labor and material.
  • Our certified roofing contractors serve everywhere in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois area.

  • We treat others the way we want to be treated. We work weekdays by appointment and are on site on time.
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Missouri and Illinois client photo reviews of Superior Commercial Roofing Systems

‘‘From the initial estimating process, contract construction, tear off, installation, clean up and follow-up, Lee and his crew were conscientious, thorough, and professional. We are extremely happy with the end product and the value for our money. I would use them again and recommend them to others.’’

Dave Robbins - Google Review of our roofing services

‘‘Last fall during heavy rains our roof began leaking into our master bathroom. I tried getting someone out but just the tarp was several hundred dollars and their permanent repair was significantly more than that. I called Lee and he said he would come out the next day and see what he could do. He made the permanent repairs and stopped the leaks and the roof has been fine since then. Lee’s quick response and cost-effective repair were greatly appreciated.’’

Dennis Valentino - Google Review of our roofing services

‘‘Lee's team did a great job with my roof. They were very professional and did the work in the time frame they promised. I heartily recommend them.’’

Barak Cook - Google Review of our roofing services

‘‘Thanks to Lee and his crew for doing such a good job on our roof. We are very pleased with the quality of work that was done! Lee was easy to work with and his crew was prompt and respectful. Thanks again for all your hard work.’’

Emily Cunningham - Facebook Review of our roofing services

‘‘Last fall, we put on our thirteenth Conklin roof since 1983 and all are without a leak. This is a multimillion-dollar development: some of the condominiums sell for over $300,000. We can’t afford leaks. I would recommend this system to anyone with a flat roof that doesn’t want to be bothered with leaks.’’

Ken H. - Happy Conklin® Client

‘‘Anyone who has doubts whether a white roof coating makes a difference should have been in our building on a 100-degree summer day. Usually, the air conditioner struggles and it gets very hot in the shop. However, with our new white roof from Conklin, our air conditioners were cycling and customers and employees were commenting how nice it was in the building.’’

Roger L. - Happy Conklin® Client

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